If you are searching for a place to entertain with education and go with the natural beauty in its original sense, Malabar is the ideal place to visit in the summer. There are a lot of tourist places with historical importance and natural beauty in the North Malabar region of Kerala. A trip to live with the socio-cultural celebrations in this area is fulfilled in all means if you plan to stay for some days here. 

 May be you are interested in seeing and doing things   at  hilly resorts, or having some interest in cultural festivals in temples, churches or mosques, or may be interested in visiting some historical places, all of the travellers are satisfied before leaving here. Without mentioning the beaches when we speak about tourist places in North Malabar it is incomplete. One of the lengthiest drive-in-beaches in Asia is the Muzhappilangadi beach which is 15 kms far from Kannur and 8 kms from Tellicherry.The main attraction in this beach is the Dolphins which appear in the morning. The Payyambalam Beach is located near to Kannur town. In Tellicherry there is one more beach near to the town with a park  where  you   can   spend a lot   of    time enjoying the beauty of the Arabian Sea.The 

tourists who are interested in history and culture are directed to St. Angelo’s Fort at Kannur which has been built in 1505. The most attractive socio-cultural festival in North Malabar is Theyyam which is celebrated in many temples in this area. This is a type of ritual where individuals are considered as Gods in some guise which is specific for each characters described in the ancient Puranas and Myths. The Theyyam season begins in October and ends in June. 

   Another historical attraction in North Malabar is the Arackal Museum which is the only Muslim dynasty in Kerala. This is the  place which witnessed many historical events in Malabar. It is very near to Kannur town (3.5 kms).  

      The unexplored natural beauty can be enjoyed at Paithal. The Pazhassi Dam, 37 kms from Kannur, is one of the man made tourist places in Kannur district. The Snake Park at Parassinikkadavu near the Muthappan temple (which is also a spiritual place to visit) is nearly 25 kms away from Kannur town where the snakes are exclusively preserved. The tourists from all over the world come to the Aralam Wild Life Sanctuary.




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