Sinful Church

               The sinful feeling, the feeling of remorse has helped a lot in the growth of religions. Christianity especially from the very beginning capitalized a lot on this concept and it still prevails. When the mind is sunk in guilty feeling man rushes to gods, to wash it out to get cleansed, and free his mind from its agony. There are other feelings too, the writer of this article is not ignoring those feelings, insecurity, helplessness, hope , a supreme being to save you from agony, catastrophe etc attach a man to religions and worship.

It is a known fact that Catholic Church mainly adopts corporate style of functioning and its hierarchy of division of powers is a very good example of autocracy and a Kingly state of living. The Bishops live in “Bishop Palace” and the word palace itself sabotages the very doctrine that Christ envisioned. Christ was always in the move, not sticking to one place or a church, he was preaching, discussing, wiping out hypocrisy, pardoning the sinners etc. But we have Priest stationed in a place running its affairs in a Kingly stature. They run big business establishments and the main motives are profit. This also happens in other religions too. We see Yoga gurus, preachers and demi-gods  making fortunes, because man is vulnerable, even in a technological era, he finds solace in a power or such demi-gods who are able to free from the agonies of life cycle.

In the case of Church Sin was a blessing. They amassed  wealth  using  it  and  to understand

that we need only to walk back. According to the doctrine of Roman Catholic Church, ‘indulgence’ is a way to reduce the amount of punishment one has to undergo for sins. They preach that it will reduce the “temporal punishment for sin” after death in the process of purification called purgatory. In middle ages this concept was abused. Greedy commissar’s slapped the maximum amount of money for indulgence

 A new investigation in Australia shed light to the fact of moral degradation of Catholic priests and nuns in the country. As per the report Catholic Church paid US $ 213 million to victims of sex abuse  in Australia  that were committed over decades by priests.

According to the 4,445 complaints received between January 1980 and February 2013, the church identified 1,880 alleged perpetrators. It included 597 (32% religious brothers, 572 (30%) priests, 543 (29%) lay people and 96% (5%) religious sisters or nuns. The abusers were male(90%) and the abused were mostly boys.

In May this year Archbishop of Adelaide was found guilty of concealing abuse of altar boys in the 1970s by pedophile priest James Eletcher. He was spared of prison on Tuesday on the grounds of his ailing health and age.  It was with the permission of Church and the church indirectly found money to fund big expensive projects. This concept was widely misused during that era. Let us come back to the contemporary issues which are shaking the whole church. 

The media is spilling beans on Clergy’s scandalous affairs which there were trying to suppress, in the present context sex allegations and child abuse reports coming one after another. Christ was always against establishment; he was debating with the priests and proving his point which was against the interests of then priestly class.

Roman Catholic Church these days is immersed and rocked by child sex abuse. Many of the accusations and charges and cover-ups happened by Catholic priests, nuns and members of Roman Catholic order. It has led to countless allegations, investigations, trials and convictions. We couldn’t imagine how this people who deliver sermons and preach the word of God could commit such heinous crimes. Some of the victim is as young as 3 years old and the majority between ages of 11 and 14. It is simple they are human beings, and to err is human. We consider them as representatives of God and that thought is really misleading us. They are just ordinary people who are prone to all human feelings, follies and commit mistakes like other people.

This is a worldwide phenomenon in the church. The central governing body of the Catholic Church, the Holy See, had considered sex abuse allegations of catholic priest numbering around 3000, dating back up to fifty years. This is clear evidence that church hierarchy is regularly covering up reports of alleged abuse.

As per the numbers given by the Vatican, 3420 solid accusation of sexual abuse committed by priests has been forwarded to its institutions and as a result 824 clerics were defrocked.

These are serious allegations that the church need to address at the earliest. Solutions  should be sought. Do priests need to adhere to celibacy all throughout their life? Is it doing good or harm? To do rituals and to take care of Church administration or whatever service the priests do, is it important to be celibate? Sex is not something that can be suppressed so easily. They should be allowed to marry and those who are ardent to remain bachelor should be allowed to do so.  Priests and nuns are also human beings. Nature has given them reproductive organs and it is not something which should be blocked of its normal course.

Such heinous crimes happen in all religions.  We have Sadhus, gurus, Mowlavis, Swamis, self-proclaimed gods, etc indulging in such crimes in India. These things occur when people turns blind out of faith, they embrace ignorance and step away from rational thinking. People irrespective of religion should keep a vigil. Moreover try to take them as human beings than as demi- gods.

The real spirituality is something different. It is related to consciousness.  Bonnie Basil


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