Capitalism hijacking science – Prof. Gurukkal, India.               

             Science and technology has become knowledge, capital and raw material for capitalism in the current century. Why is it so ? Capitalists  can sell new products large scale world wide  which are for the luxury  of the  people. Society will slip into capitalists propaganda.  Usually many of these products are harmful to the people.  For whose needs are some of these products manufactured ?.  Science and Technology has now become raw material for them. This is what we now call as Techno Capitalism.  Knowledge is completely under the control of Corporate houses, who decide what we should eat,  learn  and what we should be developed.  

Dr. Gurukkal said, Technological Educational Institutions had become de-humanizing factories that supplied robotized engineers to corporates. We are unaware of the process of converting young creative minds of today into slaves.  They are conditioned to be apolitical unto death.  They don’t know human history, culture and how to organize among themselves.  They are under the control of systems, who control them, keep them  awake and fire them when they are no longer needed. They are micro engineers, who work on small modules, without realizing which larger product these modules is a part of.  The patent of their work belongs to the company.  This is what Michael Perelman called corporate confiscation of creativities.

Rape is not a sexual act, but a show of masculinity  - Taslima Nazrin

          Rape is not a sexual act, but a show of masculinity which should be wiped out.  Says writer Taslima Nazrin.  She said, nobody was born as  rapist or murderer and  society made them so.

“ The  patriarchal, misogynistic mindset that considers women inferior to men should be changed. Capital punishment is not a solution  to any problem.  Everyone has a right to life.  People should get an opportunity to be better persons”.  She added. 

Nazrin  said, laws that stood against freedom of expression, in any country, should be repealed.  She demanded that governments should pay heed to the sentiments of non-believers in the same way they sympathised with the sentiments of believers of all religions.  Claiming that all religions should stand for equality.  “True believers would never attack innocents as religions stand for peace”, she said.

Ms.Nazrin said,  she did not believe in the “nexus between jihadis and communists” as their ideologies were polar opposites.  “A true jihadi or a true communist cannot support each other”.


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