Madhu’s murder -  A civilized Cruelty

Kerala  always boasted of its educational and cultural superiority suddenly lands in the middle of a murky human rights violations and killing.  Madhu,  a 30 year old Adivasi(native) man from Attapadi forest area, Kerala, India  was beaten,  manhandled and verbally abused, finally succumbs to death, while taking into hospital,  in a police vehicle. The self-righteous mob took law into their hands after finding Madhu has stolen rice and groceries worth Rs.200/-. These men took photos and selfies which later surfaced in social medias.  The partners in crime posed with the victim with all pride and as if they are doing a great deed. In the photo we could see that Madhu’s hands are tied up. One of the local youth who has being arrested has been linked with Shamsudheen, the local MLA belonging to Indian Union Muslim League.

The picture of this innocent man has sparked an outburst in social media.

This incident points out the fact that hunger is still a problem for many in society which we claim as developed. The attitude of rich towards the unprivileged reflects in the selfie culture witnessed in the incident. They were celebrating the whole incident which is evident from the pictures. 

Kerala has an adivasi population of 4.45 lakhs. There is no dearth of plannings,   programs, funds from central and state governments and meeting to execute the activities. But nothing tangible happens. Funds get landed in the hands of the executives, bureaucrats  and local leaders. These programs are just ways to siphon off money to the rich’s coffers. If all these programs were successful, such an incident never takes place and  hundreds of Adivasi children would not have died in Attapadi. 

The weaker section,  dalits,  adivasis, etc.  are still suffering the perils of a mismanaged economy. There is lack of direction while formulating economic policies.  No concrete discussion really takes place and people with real core knowledge and understanding of the Indian scenario should handle the Finance portfolio.


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