Australian P M bans sex between ministers and staff

                Barnaby Joyce scandal story is building well. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull decided to ban sex between minister and their staff.

The daring step was taken after the scandalous affair of the deputy Prime Minister and leader of National Party, Barnaby Joyce with former staff Vikki Campion. Earlier, The Daily Telegraph had published a front page photograph to make it loud and clear the affair and Campion’s pregnancy. Barnaby ended his 24-year marriage with his former wife after this episode.

Joyce is now on leave to seek forgiveness from his former wife and four daughters. Barnaby Joyce is a catholic who had campaigned a lot for family values earlier. He is expecting a child this April with his new wife.

Turnbull said such conduct raises serious concern about the culture at workplace. PM lashed at the affair at a press conference in Canberra; this is after serious differences between his Liberal Party and Joyce’s National Party after the scandal went viral.

He couldn’t sack Joyce as the government is at narrow one-seat majority.

Malcolm Turnbull said that the ministers, whether married or single, must restrict themselves from sexual relationship with staff. If they do so it will be a breach of principles. 

Bary Bennell sexually abused many – Victims reveal one by one

Former British football coach Bary Bennell is now in the limelight for his pedophile conducts.  He is suspected of abusing hundreds of children over the last three decades.

According to revelations during the 70s and 80s he destroyed lives of lots of young football aspirants. Many dreams came to a standstill as youngsters couldn’t face the psychological damage caused by this former coach.

Bennell is now found to be guilty of 43 counts of child sexual abuse.   He was jailed in US in 1994 after being charged for raping a 13-year-old in Florida. Many victims and their parents are coming forward to reveal the trauma.

In this issue more than 240 football clubs have been implicated in this historic scandal.  One of the victim claimed that the four students coached by Bennell had taken their lives. But there is no evidence to clinch him to the death.

It is time to introspect on the psychological facts in this issue. The reasons behind such behavior and the victim’s psychology of being prey to such offers.  All had said they wanted to go up in their football career. Is this the only to go up in the ladder in their profession? Parents need to 

educate children on where to say no?  Schools should also play a part in educating children against such offences.


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