Artistic depiction of the mysterious brain..!!

Human brain is a store room of wonders. Until now nobody could study it completely. We don’t know whether someone will be able to study it thoroughly in the future. It is that much mysterious. The more we try to know about it, the more complex it becomes.

Recently, two artists has used their brain brilliantly and made the most elaborate artistic visualization of the brain in the world. The work highlights what is happening inside the human brain while an individual is looking at such a masterpiece.

Anyone who thinks that scientist can’t be artists need look no further than Dr. Greg Dunn and Dr. Brian Edwards. The neuroscientist and applied physicist have created the artistic series of images that the artists describe as “the most fundamental self-portrait ever created”. The pair has blown up a thin slice of brain 22 times in a series called ‘Self reflected’.

Travelling across 500,000 neurons, the images took two years to complete. Funded by the National Science Foundation, Dunn and Edwards developed special technology or the project. Using a technique they have called   reflective  micro etching,   they 

microscopically manipulated the reflectivity of the brain's surface.  Different regions of the brain were hand printed and digitized, later using a computer programme created by Edwards to show the complex choreography our mind undergoes as it processes information.

After that they printed the results on transparencies and added 1,750 gold leaf sheets so that the reflectivity will be increased. The results can only be described as a delicate dance or flow between the balance of our brain activity and our mind.

“Self Reflected was created to remind us that the most marvelous machine in the known universe is at the core of our being and is the root of our shared humanity”, the artists shared.

“This was the most challenging project that either Brian or I have ever worked on. We dedicated years of our lives to this project in an attempt to greatly enrich the way in which the average person thinks about their own brain” said Greg. Its reflective animations depict 500 millionths of a second of actual brain time.

The pair painted every neuron by blowing ink around on paper, scanned them into the computer and 

then used them as building block to paint the entire brain slice.

Once the regions were painted with neurons, a custom computer algorithm helped to realistically construct circuits and make animations of the neurons communicating with one another.

As light passes over the work for a period of five seconds, an explosion of connections comes to life at a speed around 10,000 times slower than in the human brain, so that the activity can be seen clearly.

“Self Reflected is designed to give everybody- Kids, teachers, bankers, farmers, the poor, the rich- an opportunity to step back and marvel at the wonder of human consciousness. In a time of global divisiveness, our shared privilege of each having one of these magnificent machines in our skulls can help to remind us it wisely and compassionately” said Greg.

Yes, Greg Dunn is right. Everybody has a brain. If we use it wisely than what all can we do for this world? These guys have used it wisely and taught us how magnificent our brain is. Now it’s our turn to show how well we are handling such a magnificent object!!




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