Radio signals from another galaxy!! Is it aliens???

Have you spotted an alien ever in your lifetime?  No? Just imagine, an alien coming into your house and talking to you about their planet. It’s just an imagination. What if the imagination becomes a reality!  Excited?? Then, more exciting facts are on the way people!!

Astronomers have been detected  radio signals from a mysterious source in a dwarf galaxy which is three billion light years away.

Using the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia, scientists with the breakthrough Listen initiative - a massive project dedicated to finding signs of intelligent alien life - recorded 15 repeating fast radio bursts (FRBs).

FRBs last just a few milliseconds and appear to be coming from deep space. Because FRBs have an extremely short duration, and because scientists usually find them in data only after the event has taken place,  pinpointing their origin has not been possible.  

Since their discovery over 15 years ago, almost two dozen FRBs have been recorded. Most often they are one-off events, but in 2016 scientists announced in the journal ‘Nature’ that they had found a repeating radio signal FRB on 12/11/02. By monitoring and tracking this repeating burst they were able to trace it back to a dwarf galaxy which is three billion light years away. Still, the source remained elusive. Nothing that we know of in that region of space could be producing these signals.

accept a high probability of there being life elsewhere in the universe.

Since there is no support for the contention that life exists elsewhere, much attention has been diverted to searching for planetary conditions favorable for life.

In recent years, the Mars express Orbiter detected Methane in the Martian atmosphere.

The famous Rovers Spirit and  Opportunity


While that discovery doesn’t solve the mystery by itself, it’s an important clue. The sheer volume of data collected by the Breakthrough Listen team will be invaluable for scientists trying to puzzle out the source of these fast radio bursts. And who knows maybe it could be aliens after all. But the possibilities have been ruled out.Even though the possibility of aliens is kicked off, still there is hope for life on another planet.

At the moment, life on earth is the only known life in theuniverse, but there are compelling arguments to suggest we are not alone.  Indeed most Astrophysicists accept

produced conclusive evidence that liquid water once existed on the Martian surface.

A few years ago, a stir was caused by the announcement of the possibility of small ocean liquid water beneath the surface of Europa, one of the largest satellites of Jupiter.

Beyond Europa is Saturn’s moon Enceladus, which scientists confirmed a giant global ocean beneath its icy outer shell. Like, Europa Enceladus’ ocean is an ideal place where life beyond earth could live.

Through the program Exoplanet NASA is 


trying to find new planets. The search for signs of life could take decades. Discovering another blue-white marble hidden in the star field will probably require an even larger imaging telescope. Designs are already underway for that next generation planet finder, to be sent aloft in the 2030s or 2040s.

Meanwhile, there are certain news reports of spotting UFOs and presence of aliens in many places. But most of them proved to be cooked up stories. Recently, suspected alien mummies found in a tomb in Nazca, Peru., the paranormal website behind the outlandish claims that at least five mummified aliens have been found buried in Nazca, Peru, which has released a video revealing claims of CT scans of one of the mummified creatures, have shown it has  three eggs inside it. The enquiry still continues.

We don’t know whether  it is true or not, but the radio waves are true. May be in the future we will have visitors and friends in other planets. Who knows??



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