There is a proverb: Even hawks won’t fly above money. Kerala lottery vendors Suresh from Trichur district has proved it with his honesty that the proverb need not be true always.
    Ayyappan, who buys lottery tickets from suresh’s pan shop, had bought a ticket of the Kerala Government last week. Poor Ayyappan had no money and hence did not take the ticket from Suresh but asked suresh to keep it till he comes back with money. Suresh selected a ticket and kept it for ayyappan. Ayyappan did not know the ticket number even. That was the ticket which won the prize one crore! Suresh could have kept the ticket and the Rs 1-crore prize, but the honest man promptly handed over it to Mr.Ayyappan. Brimming with joy, Ayyappan told suresh that he could give him anything he wanted, but Suresh needed nothing! “I am sure my family won’t be angry with me for losing the fortune that I could have claimed,” Suresh told the media.
    Appreciating this rare truthfulness, owner of veegaland, an amusement park near Kochi, sent a sum of Rs 5 lakh to Mr. Suresh. Many others followed.