NEERA :  International drink

         Neera is a coconut inflorescence sap which is Oyster white, Sweet and Translucent. The above drink is highly nutritive and a good digestive agent. According to the different Chemical laboratories Neera is a non-alcoholic beverage product from Palmyra Palm and other Palms. Neera Production is different from toddy.The former is collected in earthenware a pot through incision in the inflorescence axis through spathe. The product is collected in the subsequent morning. It should be kept chilled in order to prevent fermentation. Interestingly, centuries back itself, the same product is used by the famous Chola dynasty in India for their warriors and princes because of its amazing health properties.

Neera is widely produced in Africa, Srilanka, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, and Philippines. The highest producers of Neera and associated products are Philippines,38%, followed by Thailand, and Indonesia with a percentage of 22 and 18 in the international level. Obviously the

highest exporter of Neera is Philippines. The major export destinations are Canada, USA, France, Middle EAST, Norway, Japan South Korea etc.

In the health side, various studies were already done in the nutritious and economical aspect of Neera. The sugar content, Glyemic index (GI) is below 55 and so it is considered highly healthy and nutritious even to the diabetic patients. Moreover Neera detox an international drink available is an effective weight loss drink too. The unhealthy fat  content can be reduced with a regular intake of Neera.

The health benefits of Neera can be used as an advertisement in tourism to promote Neera business. 

Neera production units can provide the tourist country based smart livelihood experience as they can be a part of Neera production along with each country special art works. The curiosity of foreigners can be exploited and this gives a vivid 

memory throughout their life about the trip and simultaneously Neera can be promoted in a large scale. 

The aesthetic and ayurvedic health care by Neera should be given emphasis amidst all other unhealthy cola drinks. The use of drugs, weeds, marijuana, is in an alarming rise among the youth. The Neera target should be in this area so that this drink can be given as a healthy alternative. This will not only boost the economical side but also up bring the blooming youth in a positive way. The youth has to be attracted towards these types of healthy products through campus campaign. If Government take measures to promote Neera, drugs and other unhealthy habits can be reduced gradually in youth.       DivyaMohan
















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