Stop chatting, start earning!!!!

          Why do you use social networking sites? For chatting, to share photos, to connect with unknown people, to let others know what we are doing. And the list ends here… Do you get money from social networking sites? No!!! Shame... There are millions of options to earn from social networking sites without making any huge investments… And you are not using it!!!

          You might be wondering how these social media entrepreneurs are making money. After all, a career requires an income.

        Sponsorships are responsible for a lot of the money earned through social media, especially for

those just starting off. Brittany Furlan, Caitlin Turner and Shaun McBride all started with sponsorships.

          Sponsorships occur when brand pay to be associated with you. When a tourism board pays instagrammer Lauren Bath to work with them and feature their location, they are sponsoring Lauren.

         Advertisements are another popular method of monetizing social media. YouTubers like Liz Meghan use ads to make a living through their social media accounts.

         And also, Social Media can be 


a great place to sell your products – or at the least, build up a following and redirect those followers to your website to buy       your products. 

        Artists like Us the Duo, Grace Ciao and writer Jeff Goins all have used their social media channelsas methods of boosting their visibility to book gigs and sell their art. 

          These guys have already understood the benefits of having a social media account and used it appropriately.

        Other than what they have done social media offers a lot of money making platforms. Even though it’s a relatively new industry, there are already a number of ways to make money with social media. Every major social media outlet has in some way helped users turn their hobby into a business or turn their business into a much bigger business.

         Twitter and Facebook can be great ways to show off your language and grammar skills. And also there are a lot of companies seeking someone to handle their social media presence.

         Not only can you make money with social media, you can turn yourself into a phenomenon. Just 

ask Grace Helbig, who’s developed a large audience through the hilarious videos she posts every week. She makes a significant sum just off ad revenuefrom her YouTube channel.

        Tumblr and Instagram are great places to post original artwork and get a lot of responses and shares. If your art starts going

viral, you can turn that interest into income by selling prints and other merchandise through an online store like Etsy or Big Cartel.

         If you know how to come up with a catchy jingle, you can post it on SoundCloud to get clients flocking to you to create music for their commercials, radio ads etc.

         These are just the known ways to make money with social media. The field is so new that many more avenues are likely to open up in the future.

         These sites are really helpful for homemakers who can’t afford nine to five shifts. A perfect example is Puja Singh. Puja opted to sell her clothing products using the popular messaging app WhatsApp and Social media platform Facebook, as a reseller. With the online retail market growing in the country, Indian homemakers like Singh are 

increasingly using social media to take advantage of the e-commerce boom and reach customers.  

         Kip Levin,EVP of ecommerce at Ticketmaster says “We aren’t just going after the advertising; we want our users to share. Now after you purchase, you can share your seat location. Your friends can come into the vents page and actually see where you’re sitting. We’ll scan recommendations from Spotify and plug that in. Every time someone shares something, it’s worth $6. Our relationship with Facebook was really driven by what we were already doing’ they proactively reached out to us. Facebook has teams dedicated to working with brands and e-commerce sites. They’ve been adaptable and really easy to work with. Twitter and LinkedIn, too”.

          Look, we have a plenty of options!! But we are using only a few of them. In fact, we aren’t aware of most of these things. But now the situation has changed. You know about it. Now you can decide whether to stay on the old track or to take the new path. If you take the new path, more than money you can earn self-respect. So, people what are you waiting for?? Use everything wisely and make the most of everything!!!




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