Tapioca with chilly chutney(mullaku curry), the duet which every malayali loved is once again found its place in the menu

Tapioca: initially slice the tapioca in small pieces then boil it in water. After 20 minutes see that the tapioca is cooked or not if cooked, drains the water from it. Then heat oil in a deep sauce pan and splutter mustard, dry red chilies and curry leaves into. Into this add the cooked tapioca with grind coconut and add the sufficient salt into it. Tapioca is ready.

Chilly chutney: have a one cup of sambar chilly, two cup of crunched small onion , one cup of extracted coconut milk of a coconut(use its meat). Heat the pan and garnished in oil with mustard, onion, curry leaves and add the mix into it with little salt as needed. The chutney is ready.

     The combinations of these two were awesome. Tapioca are used traditionally by the poor people but now it is found that the use of tapioca is widely increased in region to region in different way.

      The tapioca is a starch extracted from cassava root. This species is native to the north region of Brazil. But now it spread throughout the world in different items.

 In Brazil, cassava is called mandioca while its starch is called tapioca.Tapioca is one of the purest forms of starch food and the production varies from region to region.

    Tapioca consists of carbohydrates, with each cup containing 23.9grams for a total of 105 calories. It is low in saturated fat, protein and sodium. It has no significant 

essential vitamins and ordinary minerals

         Through tapioca many things can be produced such as flatbreads, tapioca pearls and its roots are used for manufacture biodegradable bags. Its starch used commonly for laundry purposes.  

          During the Second World War, due to the shortage of food in south East Asia, tapioca was the food for the refugees. Cassava plant is easily propagated by stem cutting, grows well in low nutrient soils and can be harvested every month.

           In different regions it is used in different ways. In India it is a common ingredient of some Indian dishes and most commonly it is added into the dishes in the form of tapioca pearls. Local words for tapioca roots in India are odi sagudana, Malayalam kappa or maracchini,tamil maravalli   kilangu, kannada   sabakki and  saggu biyyam in telugu.

         In Indian traditionally foods tapioca can be used to prepare payasam called sabbakki payasam. The widely consumed state in India is Kerala where it is used as breakfast, lunch or in the evening. Mashed tapioca is paired with fish curry is a favorite dish for the Keralite. Kappa biriyani is yet another tapioca dish in Kerala.

           Different recipes of tapioca can be examined but the combination of tapioca with chilly chutney or fish can’t beat any other dishes. The combinations of these two are so delicious that no chef can able to fight it with another one. Now  these combinations are seen in marriage receptions.




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