Mysterious Spiritualities fake‚Äč                

           The  Master of Awarology, Maxi D'Costa says  “All religions claim that man is a spiritual being having eternity, but when an ordinary man unexpectedly approaches the truth, he finds that his physical life is deadly against his spiritual life.  When he proceeds to the truth, he finds that his mundane life turns to a tragedy.  He realizes that the whole world, including  himself is in the grip of a doomed spirituality which is full of treachery, massacre, terrorism and against one’s soul.”  

Awarology has a strong base of logic up to a certain stage of mind which gives the experience of soul or real consciousness, but it is localised-in the inner of a man. One who follows the experiments and theory of it will have identical experiences as result. There is no question of dogmatism, faith, prayer, meditation and yoga techniques or any involvement of super natural powers. It is a universal approach.

It is a mystic science from which mythology, illusion of mind, extra sensory perceptions, sidhies,  miracles,  hypnotism,  black magic and all sorts of lies and tricks are removed by the logic itself. The experimental result of a physical science will be a product or a technology or a phenomenon. Whereas the result of an inner experiment will be an experience of neutral life and paramananda or a state of eternal bliss and peace which is beyond the “knowing” of mind . It is an experience of a man who jumps from an aeroplane without the help of a parachute for the first time. If you have an experience of your Soul or Athma or Self, no world can argue that it is wrong. So Awarology says that you are the Truth.  You are the experiencer of Truth. 

Except you, nothing remains true relative to you.

Mystic Science has an origin from the eastern part of the world. Certain ancient scriptures project the Self as a mysterious entity which made the people to think that it is a Super natural power outside the body. And moreover, number of “ human Gods” who came to the world by mystic state were so idiots that they misled the world and it’s spirituality is reduced  into senseless customs, Idiotic prayers and mantras and yatras and brain washing blind beliefs. So that the evolution of intelligence with the awareness lost it’s way and the man became too coward to explore his athma.

These mystics wanted their name to be remembered forever, for that they gave life to many idols and yantras according to their illusionary dreams and thoughts, which they called visions (darshans). The exploitation of working class people was the motivation of these ugliness. They gave birth to a doomed spirituality. Different envious religious orders came to existence and started  the holy wars and massacre in the name of God. Still it is going on incessantly. The failure of logic to search the soul, reduced the man back to animals. The appearance of Human Gods, the duality of language and moreover the selfish desires,  the exploiting tendencies made the human intelligence to evolve against the light of real consciousness and started worshiping the shadow of Self or soul. The result was the utter confusion  in  the  mind.   We  cannot  blame  the

human intelligence for this because the One which exist in some other dimension and beyond the logic and language cannot be accessed through the perceptions of any sense organs. It is almost an impossible task. Moreover, it has only a link to the inner of the man which is isolated by all means from a second person. There are many mystics who have passed away, so blessed by the nature to “know” and “touch” the soul or real consciousness. They couldn’t cross their genetic pattern using this blessing. So instead of developing their intelligence towards inner, they exploited the spirituality of people using their extra sensory perceptions, miracles,  black magic etc for sainthood and for the name as a Mahatma. The society might have benefitted by the goodness to balance the inequality. They were all against the self enquiry of the Self. So the people started to search their Self outside their body and mind.

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