Leave your limited comfort zone - Susanna, Germany

              Can you imagine how much effort, clear determination and strength you need to really change your reality? Are you ready for that? Then transform your life, let go of everything that does not serve your well being and enter into a new dimension. Enter into the life you really deserve. Devote yourself into the space of truth and stop having a single concept. Surrender to your divine and pure nature, that is waiting for you to be ready… to be what you really are!.Beyond ordinary mind, in the presence of simple and naked nowness. Silence reveals the truth of your being, the heart itself and its radiant manifestation. Embrace all that appears as your own luminous, clear self. 

Embracing my life in the forest, deep devotion arises through silence. Nothing else to do than to dance and sing in the liberation of all that appears. The union of bliss and emptiness. In deepest gratitude to all my teachers I bow down.  How much more time do you want to give your mind to be occupied by wrong concepts and mistaken views?  How much time do you want to give anger, hate and fear to delude your perception? How long do you want to accept these boundaries to yourself? How long do you want to be a slave of all that, what makes you unhappy?

Make the conscious choice. Embrace your own potential of boundless freedom, of a joyous and wonderful manifestation of what you really are. Break through into the space of that was truly is real. The love, that you are!.Faith means trust in the power that moves the universe. Trust is not blind, it is proactive. Trust means to believe that the universe is on our side and knows what it does. Shine gently your light of non-judgement on all the shady parts of yourself and in this process you will know the radiation of who you really are!. No fear, no hate, no shame, no cravings, no trouble, no jealousy, no guilt...

It's okay, come out, only love is here. Let your mind be... beyond. Experience every moment of your life fresh, new, open and amazing. Unfold your full potential, be the warrior you are and leave your limited comfort zone. 


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