What they says -   “Revelations of  the Great Guru”

          "Navajyothisree Karunakara Guru is no island in the flux of Prophecy and Revelation. There have been Teachers earlier who said much the same thing , but perhaps not with such immediacy and fullness. The purpose of Creation is the elevation of all creatures through tortuous stages  to the realization of the Absolute which is the Supreme Light. The ancient Indians called it the Brahmam. In other ethnic bowls the same has been Known as Allah, the Holy Spirit and so on--- 

          The simplicity  of man’s communication with the Supreme Light was lost by the very process of historical duration. Evolution has left us with different orders of beings, from the visible and gross creatures to tiers of astral entities. These represent stages, with all the impermanence, and passing,  that we witness in the biological world. The Supreme Light alone endures".                                               O. V. Viayan

          "Guru’s teaching that the worship of wrong powers and deities as God is against the Dharma of the present Age or time was really a new thing for me. The perspective 

that the formation of such energy from wrong worship can cause many negative things in the lives of people was a new understanding  for me. The solution for the bad effects of wrong worship that the Guru offers is the purification of the souls or spirits of the previous generations and the cleansing of the living through right karma and right worship. During these 

to welcome what is good and robust in the   spiritual traditions we practice as timeless expressions of the human  urge to be to be in communion with God.   For this to happen at all it is imperative that we shift from mere religiosity to spirituality. It is such an emphasis that I find in the teachings of Navajyothisree Karunakara Guru and my soul resonates with this.

          There are myths of evil spirits in different traditions the world over. There have been experiences of spirit presences too. However, there is no concrete conclusion as to how these evil spirits originate and what quantum of destruction they cause to mankind. Regarding this, Navajyothisree Karunakara Guru has made certain unique revelations.


years it has been a really wonderful and pleasant thing for me to come over". 

             Rev. (Prof.) Abby Thomas

          "As religious communities we live, mostly, in our separate religious ghettoes, taking care not to tread on each other’s tails or toes. India is yet to become a spiritual crucible, where all religious traditions enter in to a free and fearless interaction, in the pursuit of the truth and fullness of life. Our religious tolerance is the freedom


                 Father Valson Thampu

          "We have to accept the truth that the hazards of pollution, whether of the air, water or soil, could be effectively controlled by the worldwide progress of science and technology.

          There is different pollution never dealt with or understood so far in the human history. That is the pollution in the subtle astral planes from souls who have gone astray.

          According to Guru, the pollution in the astral planes is the biggest misfortune and danger in the history of the universe as a whole. This is caused by millions of human souls who have gone astray in the path of spiritual evolution as well as through wrong patterns of worship. Aspirants are obstructed with tough resistance resistance from such souls.  This mystery is perhaps one of the most notable revelations  Guru  has made".                                                                                                                              Dr. S.S. Unni

          "The mission of Navajyothisree Karunakara Guru has been to liberate humanity from its fallen state by guiding people in their materials and spiritual life. Guru gave humanity a spiritual path to free the jeeva from the ill effects of previous actions, which act as an indomitable hurdle to the stride towards truth and goodness. Guru showed the way to all to achieve a righteous life by observing dharma according to the capability of one’s soul".

Swamy GuruDharmajnana Thapaswi

          "The most essential phase of truth seeking is the Realization of Truth.  To realize is to experience the Truth or  Reality in its manifold dimensions……….

          Navajyothisree Karunakara Guru’s concept of  Brahmanischayam adds a new dimension to Indian metaphysics as its experiential culmination.  Guru redefines the concept Brahmajnanam  as Trikalajnanam ie.,the knowledge of the past, present and future.  It has got the status of the merging reality of both the pramanas (proof) of Sabdha (Word) and Pratyaksha (Direct Experience).  Relevations received by Guru are said to complete the earlier relevations to former prophets and also to rectify the errors that came into those revelation.                       Dr C V Babu 

     Father Valson Thampu


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