Why Branding…..?   -   Sarika Dev

          Identity is the condition of being a specified person or thing. Why do we want to be specified? A logical question that needs to be answered but it remains unanswered all the time. This question has a lot to say if we consider the recent issues.

         How many identities do we possess? We are identified  

in the name of our nation, religion, caste, language and if we start counting the identities that we have, we will end up with a long list.

           The easiest way to construct an identity is to identify against each other. If we were not been identified in the name of our nation, there would not be any disputes between India and Pakistan. There would not be any turmoil between Palestine and Israel. Also the United States would not think of building a wall between her and Mexico.

          If we didn’t possess an identity in the name of our religion then there would not be a ban over beef in India. There would not be a community called Radical Islam. There would not be any conflicts up rise in Syria.

           The policies adopted by US like banning and severely restricting Islam to their nation made it clear that patriotism is no more a feeling but has already emerged out into an emotion. And this emotion is forcing us to do weird things like killing our own brothers and spreading terrorism all over the world. Over these years we have seen a number of conflicts. Whether it’s internal or external the soul reasons behind all these conflicts were not at all a surprising one- the protection of our national identity. For that we lost 2,50,000 of Syrians, the valuable lives of soldiers from both the sides of India and Pakistan during the Uri attack and the innocent lives of Baghdadians. Every year there will be an add on to the list.

     ‘I think Islam hate us’ the historic statement made by

Donald Trump earlier this year. Who is an Islam? And what does this ‘us’ mean? Is ‘Islam’ and ‘us’ are identities of people living in two different regions? If we can simply resolve this issue by giving up these identities, then what are we waiting for?

       Terrorism and War are the two most important outcomes of national identity construction. All these years we have been trying a lot to put an end to both these extremely dangerous practices, neglecting its root cause. What makes national identity so strong and persistent in front of all these pressures? The answer is so simple. It is our negligence. 

       Beyond all these identity crisis we all belong to the same family –‘Homosapiens’. 

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