In the views of Mahathma Gandhi, an ideal country should be Rama Rajya and it should follow the footsteps of Khalifa Umar. Gandhiji believed that the ruler should enforce his people equally without any preferences. In 1937 the Congress Party came into power to govern India. Mahtama Gandhi advised his elected members and leaders to adopt simplicity in life. Following are the words of Gandhi:

 "I cannot give you the reference of Ram Chandra or Krishna, because they were not historical figures. I cannot help it but to present to you the names of Abu Bakar and Umar. They were leaders of a vast Empire, yet they lived a life of austerity." (27-07-1937). 

Here Ghandhiji was focusing towards the life of Khalifa Umar   Khalifa Umar was the ruler of ancient Arabia which includes Syria and Persia; he always tried to spend the nation’s wealth for the welfare of the people. He led a very simple life with small amount which receiving from the treasury for his personal needs. He used to walk on the hot pavement without any shoes and used to wear tattered cloth. In the night he wandered all over for enquiring the welfare of the people. Once, a messenger from the neighboring country came to see the Khalifa. He found a small hut near the palace and Omar was sleeping under a tree without any guard..!.

On one occasion while traveling in the night Khalifa found a  man sitting in a tent and crying. He asked the reason  and

man replied to him that his wife was due to deliver a child and there was nobody to help her. Omar went home and came back with his wife and they gave bread, food and cloths and helped the woman.

After taking over the administration Khalifa Umar told to his family members that he would give double punishment if any of them did anything that they were not supposed to do.

Another proclaimed event related to him is that once Khalifa Umar during his caliphate was going on his usual rounds towards Harrah (a suburb of Madinah) with his slave Aslam, when he saw a distant fire in the desert.

He said, "There seems to be a camp. Perhaps, it is a caravan that could not enter the town due to night fall. Let's go and look after them and arrange for their protection during the night."

When he reached there, he found a woman and some children. The children were crying. The woman had a pan of water over the fire. Umar greeted her with salaam and, with her permission, went near her. The woman however didn't recognize that it was Umar, their Caliph.

Umar asked, "Why are these children crying?"
The woman sadly replied to him, "Because they are hungry."
Umar asked further, "What is in the pan?

The woman said, "Only water to soothe the children, so that they may go to sleep in the belief that food is being prepared for them. Oh ! Allah will judge between Umar and me, on the Day of Judgment, for neglecting me in my distress."

Umar started to cry, "May Allah have mercy on you! How can Umar know of your distress?"

The woman, "When he is our Amir (Leader), he must keep himself informed about us."

Hadhrat Umar returned to the town and straight away went to the BaitulMal (House of Charity) to fill a sack with flour, dates, fat, and clothes, and also drew some money. When the sack was ready, he said to Aslam, "Now put this sack on

my back, Aslam." Aslam, "No please, Amirulmu'mineen! I shall carry this sack."

Umar refused to listen to Aslam, even on his persistent requests to allow him to carry the sack, and remarked, "What! Will you carry my load (sins and deeds) on the Day of Judgment? I must carry this bag, because it is I who would be questioned (in the Hereafter) about this woman."Aslam most reluctantly placed the bag on Umar’s back, who carried it with a swift pace right to the woman's tent. Aslam followed at his heels. He put a little flour and some dates and fat in the pan and began to stir. He blew (with his mouth) into the fire to kindle it.

Aslam said, "I saw the smoke passing through his thick beard."

After some time, the pottage was ready. He himself served it to the family. When they had eaten until they were full, he made over to them the little that was left for their next meal. The children were very happy after their meal and began to play about merrily.

The woman felt very grateful and remarked, "May Allah reward you for your kindness! In fact you deserve to take the place of Khalifa instead of Umar." Umar consoled her and said, "When you come to see the Khalifa, you will find me there."
As an ideal ruler, he is a role model for others.

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