Automobile Innovations :  Great Expectations!

     India has always been the land of ideas, innovations and inventions. Sometimes it is the highly educated crowd that brings about the change, sometimes it is the knowledge seekers, and sometimes it is the uneducated. Three men, all hailing from different parts of India, have proved that there are no limits when it comes to dreams. 

Making South Indians proud, the Bangalore-settled Keralite Shahid Haq, has revealed the hybrid brain child of eight people and two and a half years, Hyperion One. With the features of both a roadster and an F-1 machine, its body is made of light weight Fibre Reinforced Plastic and interiors of carbon fibre and leather. Powering the car is a 2.7l V6 and automatic transmission, and it has a double wishbone coil over suspension. The car was part of the 13th New Delhi Auto Expo as well where it received attention from automobile aficionados. 

Meanwhile,  away from the celebrations,  21 year old Atul Arora  from  Jaipur  along  with  his 

30 friends in Vellore Institute of Technology designed a car they’re calling Rudra, which is claimed to run 200 kms using just a litre of petrol.  With Electronic Fuel Injection system, the car uses only the necessary amount of fuel, optimizing the efficiency. Rudra is now their official entry to Shell Eco-Marathon Asia competition.

Another story of success comes from a 25-year old Assamese drop-out who only studied up to 3rd grade. In Dimow village of Assam, a small time welder/ automobile mechanic Sagar Prasad Sharma has proven that education, while being a good asset, the lack of it is not a stone to be stumbled upon, but stepped on to fly the skies he dreamed of. 

Sharma has found it in himself to build a fully functional helicopter with the help of his wife Jonmoy Mayank and financial support from his close friend Toopan Gimere. Sharma says that he must have spent some where between 10 to 15 lakh rupees until now and only 90% of it is complete. Calling his helicopter PawanPutra, he used metal sheets, the diesel engines of two SUVs and car seats for the two-seater. The creation is still awaiting to be completed and the clearance from the authorities.

The clearance is still in question since Sharma does not hold a degree in aviation, but his appeal is to be forwarded to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation to conduct a trial run. 


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