A dream project to have global internet connection through cheep 4.000 artificial satellites is on the way, Space EX, rocket technology giant, has announced it.Just like telecast the people in all parts of the world will get internet service. For this below Musk, founder of space EX has approached the US government for sanction.

Several giants in this field including Bill Gates had been dreaming about such a project in 1990s.As they did not have their own rocket and satellite they gave up the idea.

Space EX has the capacity of making satellite; it wants only the government’s sanction to launch the project. The satellite positioned around the earth will exchange the signals mutually to provide better service.    

Fecebook had announced earlier a project for world internet  service through satellites costing about $50 crores Rs 3191.5crores. It was later dropped.The owner of Virgin Atlantic, Richard Branson was also in the field but did not continue.

Another company light squared took some steps in this direction three years ago but it later abandoned the idea. Space EX is getting ready to launch the project next year. If it succeeds within the next five years the world will get internet service from the satellites.The company will use its own faleon-9 rockets for launching the satellites. For controlling the satellites three space stations will be established. Though there are companies utilizing the internet service from satellites limited consumption is a challenge.

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