‘America  First’ !   Any doubt?  

       America cajoled a self esteem rooted on the belief that it is the indispensable leader in making a better world dominated by its imperialistic agenda.  The present President Donald Trump during his presidential campaign asserted that America should play a more limited, non-interventionist role and should focus on “America First” policy.  This policy didn’t go well with many and it created discomfort.

Trump is now infamous for breaking the conventions of speech and he adopts confrontation and hostile attitude in his speech which is inviting more troubles especially for the foreign policy establishment. It is jeopardizing the diplomatic conventions, dignified manners and is paving way for more political turbulence that may result in devastating consequences. It is quite evident in the foreign relations with Russia, North Korea, China, Syria etc.

 Foreign leaders may consider Trump alarming, but they do not consider him serious. They may think they can use him, but they know they cannot rely on him.  The leaders have begun to reshape alliances and reconfigure the networks that make up the global economy, bypassing the United States and diminishing its standing. In January, at the World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland, Xi made a case for Chinese global leadership that was startlingly well received by  officials, business people, and experts in attendance. In March, Canada formally joined a Chinese-led regional development bank that the Obama administration had opposed as an instrument of broadened Chinese influence; Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France were among the founding members. In July, Japan and Europe agreed on a free-trade deal as an alternative to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which Trump had unceremoniously discarded.

 When President Trump’s driving force is purely economical, there is definitely a drain of moral, ethical values that is  must for a statesman.  The sudden dropping of people from key posts is another area that needs more reflection and pragmatism.  His penchant for big money people and wall street oligarchs would result in government controlled by money power.

The above said can be corroborated by the latest developments in U.S.   National Security advisor HR McMaster was shown the door and was replaced with John Bolton. Bolton is quite infamous for his advocacy of using military force against Iran and North Korea and has taken a tough stand against Russia. Such steps give a wrong message to the world.  Recent news of Saudi Crown Prince boasting that son-in-law of the President Jared Kushner is in his pocket..   It is alleged that Jared Kushner shared President’s daily brief containing information in Saudi Arabia’s names of rebel royal family members. In October last year he even made an unannounced trip to Riyadh to tackle and share this information.  Kushner continues to hold the post in the White House though his power of security clearance has been downgraded.

Donald Trump is on  spree breaking the rules of post-cold war international relations that is based on alliance management, trade relations and nuclear non –proliferation.

There is really a lack of leadership in the world altogether. There is dearth of charismatic, visionaries like Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Jawaharlal Nehru, etc.

Peace is at stake, it was quiet evident at the recently held Munich Security Conference remembered for saber – rattling and ultimatum. It failed miserable in resolving crisis happening around the world. There was lack of leadership, road-map and clear visionary insights into problems. Many of the leaders and ministers who participated in the conference took the opportunity to lash out at the rivals and even threatened the opponents with military action.  There were dramatic scenes by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who expressed his anguish to Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif. He accused that Iran is trying to expand its control in the Middle East through political and armed proxies in Yemen, Syria, Gaza and Lebanon.

International community has failed to resolve any major global issue in recent times.  The best leaders mediate, listen and consider the opinion of others before taking an important decision.  Trump of U.S., is far away from this concept and they stand aloof with their own coterie of loyal followers and advices.  Ofcourse,  there is leadership crisis in the world today.These leadership qualities must be cultivated and world needs a new bunch of charismatic leaders who can inspire peace and camaraderie. 



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