Public support still remains strong for democracy

          A recent survey conducted by Pew Research Organization in 38 nations figured plenty of reasons to be optimistic about democracy and of course there were concerns also. People in each nation where survey was conducted told that representative democracy is a good form of governance to run their country. Other opinions were also there in favor of non democratic forms of government.

Democracy is growing for the past 4 decades  -   Growth of democracy is showing an upward trend. When 2016 was bidding adieu, 97 out of 167 countries were democracies and among it only 21 were autocracies. The remaining countries reflected shades of democracy and autocracy and some remained not rated.    Going back to 1977, only 35 out of 143 

countries were qualified as democracies. 89 countries were categorized as autocracies and in that about 9 as absolute hereditary monarchies.

Democracies showed an upward trend when the Soviet bloc and Soviet Union itself disintegrated between 1989 and 1991. Out of the 72 countries rated as autocracies in 1988, only 15 still continue to be autocratic. About the rest, 25 turned to democratic path and the rest had mixed ratings.

According to the survey conducted, majorities in 38 countries polled opined that representative democracy as a rather good method to run their country.  The majority surveyed in these countries also said the same about democratic form of government. Non- democratic methods also had some supporters. 

Pew Research Organization conducting research and surveys on the trends and future of democracy. According to surveys conducted across the globe public support still remains strong for democracy and number of democratic nations in the post war scenario is found to be high.

                                 Some Key Findings.

As per the survey conducted nine-in –ten people in Sweden opined that   representative democracy is a sound way to run their country.

Germans, according to the survey vehemently came against the rule by a military or a strong leader.

According to the survey people in Vietnam expressed their support for a military rule. 

There was support for an able leader in India, 55% surveyed looked forward for a visionary leader. 76% favored direct democracy, Representative Democracy 75 % and rule by experts 65%.

In Mexico only 5% are happy with the way democracy is performing in their country.

Tanzanians stood with their national government.  Survey showed their faith and trust in their government. 

            A small section of the people showing their inclination to autocracy, one-man rule, military rule are  clear indications that people don't find much difference in their conditions being in a democratic state. Corruption, nepotism and bungling are rampant and they find only a section gets the benefit.

            It should be noted that across the countries surveyed about 49 % favored government by experts. People who stood for a military rule were 24% and those who voiced for a strong unbridled ruler came up to 26%.                         - Bonnie Basil  


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