Wildfire at Los Angeles

More than 1,000 firefighters battled wildfires burning through the Verdugo Mountains on the North edge of Los Angeles, in the midst of a scorching heat wave. The fire destroyed three homes and forced mandatory evacuations in several neighborhoods.

As helicopters flew over the blazing hills, Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency for Los Angeles County, clearing the way for a mobilization of state resources to help fight the fire. Mayor Eric m Garcetti of Los Angeles had declared a local state of emergency and asked the state for help.

The so called La Tuna fire was holding steady at about 5,865 acres in the San Fernando Valley, the Los Angeles Fire department said. Mandatory evacuation orders that had been in place for the cities of Glendale and Burbank and parts of Los Angeles were lifted.

Interstate 210, one of the major arteries through the traffic choked Los Angeles area was reopened in all directions as containment estimates jumped from about 10 percent to about 25 percent in just few hours, Officials said.

The fire burned three homes and damaged another, Los Angeles Fire Chief Ralph Terrazes said. Four firefighters were treated for non-life threatening injuries, the fire department said.

Terrazes said he expected cooler weather and possible showers to aid the more than 1,000 firefighters who were battling the blaze, although he cautioned at a news conference: “There is a lot of fuel out there left to burn”

The fire which was threatening thousands of homes in Glendale, Burbank and Los Angeles, started on September 1st, on the north of the 210 Freeway during a heat wave 

baking much of the state. Erratic winds helped it quickly spread. The Los Angeles fire department said that the cause is under investigation.

Residents described a restless night as they watched flames and smoke approaching from the valley’s surrounding hillsides.  Giovanni Dal Monte, a Sun Valley resident recalled just how close the fire was to his home.

“It came all the way down to the fence,” Dal Monte said.

Burbank resident Tracy Goldman, whose home sits at the base of the Verdungo Mountains, said that she saw her worst fears materializing with the descending flames.

“Everything was on fire,” she said.” This was like something I’ve never seen before”.

“There was no vegetation left to burn” she said.

Major fires are also affecting other areas of the Western US.

It is sad that a country like the US, which has the topmost facilities are struggling hard to save the lives of people. If they knew something like this occurs then why have they avoided the chances of taking some preventive measures?

The US is a nation which always says that their citizens are really valuable for them. And they behave like that too. If someone misbehaves with a US citizen, the whole nation will come forward to question the one who misbehaved with their citizen. Such a country is struggling to protect the lives of their citizens. It is a serious issue of carelessness. Until now, they couldn’t find the reason for the wildfire. Nobody expects this kind of a response from the US, since they are the strongest nation in the world. Hope these issues will be sorted out in the coming days.!!                                        Sarika




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